Back to Basics

I’m a Libra to a T.  I’m always seeking balance, always searching for the next thing to soothe my soul.  It doesn’t necessarily feel good to be in constant pursuit of something, but it sure does feel great to find what I didn’t know I was searching for.

It’s been a crazy fall.  It couldn’t feel any better than it does right now to be in my pajamas with a cup of tea, painting my nails and making plans with friends for the day, my boyfriend and his family for tonight.  It’s time for me to be back here, back in Boston, and back to the simpler, finer things in life.

What am I most excited for, at the moment?  I’m excited to have my kitchen, my food, and my weekends!  I had Friday off from work instead of Monday (we split half staff for the holiday), and I needed to start the morning by whipping up a batch of hearty, healthy, ready-for-the-work-week oat bars.

The Oh She Glows recipe calls for dried cranberries or raisins, but why not throw in regular cranberries instead?!  The bars came out beautifully golden, slightly crispy, yet warm and soft on the inside.

I spent the remainder of the day cleaning my room, grocery shopping, and Target shopping.  I refuse to go to the Target plaza on the weekends, so having a weekday afternoon to peruse was such a treat!

Continuing with the homemade theme for the day, I went to Courtney’s for dinner armed with a bag of veggies and pizza on the brain.  We combined forces to bake this incredible pie!  ‘shrooms, peppers, spinach, olives, and cheese on half pesto, half marinara sauce.  Yum.

Homemade Caesar with spinach on the side made the dish.  Caesar isn’t the same without Romaine lettuce, but hey – we’ll take what we can get!

(I’ll say a quick RIP to the Johnnie Foodmaster that’s closing in Charlestown this month.  Whole Foods is great, but a year without a grocery store followed by years with an expensive grocery store just isn’t going to cut it for Court and the other Charlestown residents.  No good!)

So, that’s all for now.  I think I’ll bake some bread and finish cleaning my room.  Here’s a Saturday afternoon cheers to some cozy, homey winter months ahead.


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